How Raw Plant Foods Promote Healing and Health

Raw plant foods are foods as found in nature.  They enable the body to heal itself of diseases and attain vibrant health.  The reason they can do this is because of the natural life force that is in these foods.  This life force comes from the sun and is converted by plants into energy that humans and animals can utilize.  When we eat raw (uncooked) fruits and vegetables, including green leafy vegetables, we get the precious life force that Nature intended for us to receive.

The plant kingdom is a vast reservoir of energy that captures the sun’s rays and converts them into foods for man and beast.  Animals, including humans, cannot convert the sun’s rays directly into energy that can be utilized by the body.  We depend on plants to do this for us.

Chlorophyll in the leaves of plants converts sunlight into chemical energy.  It is this chemical energy that is available to us when we eat plant foods.

Raw plant foods contain the highest level of nutrients found in any food.  The level cannot be increased or improved upon by anything done to the foods by man, including the pervasive use of heat treatment, ultra-high refining and processing, and the addition of preservatives, artificial colors and other man-made ingredients, all of which destroy the energy and nutrient content of foods, and cause other problems.

If you eat raw plant foods exclusively, you benefit significantly in many ways.  They give you amazing energy, even in old age, energy to do whatever is required of you to do.  On a raw plant food diet, the body’s self-healing process kick in in high gear to purify the body of its accumulated toxins from years of eating wrong foods.  It is the body’s self-cleansing and self-healing processes, not drugs or supplements, that enable the body to heal itself of disorders and diseases.   

Raw plant foods are easier to digest than cooked foods, and leave fewer waste products behind in the body.  Cooked foods produce offensive wastes, most noticeable by the gas released in defecation or the offensive odor of the feces.  The odor is also noticeable in the breath.  These wastes gradually impair all the tissues and organs of the body, and in time result in diseases.

Raw plant foods do not cause offensive odors.  They strengthen the entire organism in every respect because of their natural life force properties.

The world’s general nutritional situation today is deplorable.  Our love affair with meat and dairy products, as well as man-made food products, has resulted not only in our dire health problems and the increase of health care facilities and health care costs, but has caused the deforestation of large parts of the world in order to grow crops to feed animals.  The crops are needed to supply the ever-increasing number of factory farms (Confined Animal Feeding Operations, CAFOs) that keep springing up everywhere.  The proliferation of these “animal-factories” with their huge demands for feed, water, and fossil-fuel energy has created the need for GMO crops, together with their deadly pesticides and herbicides, which are primarily responsible for the on-going extinction of the world’s bee population, and can cause health problems in people.

Every day we witness the affects that these foods have on us. It is no secret that sickness and disease continue to plague humankind despite the billions of dollars of state, federal and private funds that are spent each year trying to find cures for heart disease, cancer and other life-shortening or disabling diseases.     

Almost everyone knows someone who is suffering from a health issue. Most of us have come to accept sickness and premature death as a matter of course, a normal part of life.  But nutritional experts and medical researchers have been telling us for years that these things do not happen by chance, but that there is a direct relationship between the foods that we eat and the diseases that we get.

In contrast, raw plant foods exert a beneficial effect on the entire organism and on almost all diseases, those we have acquired in life and those due to hereditary predispositions.   

We must alter our false notions about foods and nutrition, and adopt a better way of life, including changing our diets to consist of whole plant foods.

It is only after the self-purification process that takes place as a result of eating raw plant foods has begun that vibrant health arises, like the sunrise after a long night.  It is the kind of health that you may never have experienced before.