The Dangers of Cooked Foods

“Cooked food is dead, and actually unsuitable as nourishment for the digestive processes of all animals, including human beings.” – Dr. Ann Wigmore, Be Your Own Doctor.

Cooked foods include almost all jarred and canned food, and almost all packaged food because these foods are typically heat treated during some stage of their refining and processing.  The heat destroys the enzymes in the foods and alters the vital chemical properties of the foods.  It also reduces the nutrient content of the foods.

Raw plant foods come replete with their own enzymes for proper digestion, as nature intended.  When cooked food is eaten, the enzymes of the body must perform the job of digestion.  This process depletes the enzyme reserves of the body, making it increasingly difficult as time goes by to properly digest foods.  As a result, we become weaker and more fatigued despite the amount of food consumed.  In addition, energy that is used by the body to digest cooked foods is diverted away from other necessary bodily functions such as self-cleansing and healing.

The dangers of cooked foods are fully described in the book, Raw Veganism.

For health, we should eat enzyme-rich foods exclusively, which are raw plant foods, and avoid all cooked foods.