The Dangers of Starchy Foods

Starchy foods include wheat, corn, rice, while and red potatoes, beans (all kinds) and peas.  They also include food products made from these foods, such as bread, pasta, cereals, pastries, corn starch, etc.

Many of the modern nutrition experts believe that starchy foods are the primary cause of disease in the human body.  The reason is that starchy foods cause paste-like plaque to coat the insides of the large intestine, or colon, which obstructs the absorption of nutrients in the body.

According to the books by modern nutrition experts, many of which are listed in the Bibliography, eating starchy foods causes sticky paste-like plaque to deposit on the inner walls of the colon.  This plaque coats the intestinal villi and obstructs the absorption of nutrients, which prevents finishing the job of digestion that normally takes place in the colon.  The resulting impaction hinders the proper digestion of foods, making it difficult for the body to assimilate what is eaten.

The dangers of starchy foods are fully described in the book, Raw Veganism.