What Foods Should We Eat, and Why?

“He who does not know food, how can he understand the diseases of man?” – Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine (460-357 B.C.).

Increasing scientific evidence compiled every year links the top 10 leading causes of death, and the degenerative diseases so prevalent in the world today, to eating meat-based and dairy-based diets.  These studies continue to show that people eating a plant-based diet have increased longevity and health compared to those eating a meat-based and/or dairy-based diet.  Many books published in recent years provide the results of these clinical studies.

People who eat the traditional American diet are mineral deficient.  This deficiency is now being implicated in a number of serious health problems.  To make up for the mineral-starved and vitamin-starved foods now being produced, many people take multivitamin/mineral supplements on the advice of their doctors. 

Billions of dollars are spent each year in America alone on these supplements.  Unfortunately, most of the multivitamin/mineral supplements are inorganic substances that cannot be utilized by the body.  Studies have shown that these supplements provide little, if any, benefit to human health.

On the raw vegan diet, there is no need for multivitamin/mineral supplements because all the minerals and vitamins needed to support life are in raw plant foods, in their proper organic form and undestroyed by heat.

The foods that are the best for us to eat are the foods that promote health and longevity.  These are the foods as-found in nature, replete with their life-giving properties.  These are the foods of the raw vegan diet.