What Is the Raw Vegan Diet?

The raw vegan diet includes all raw (uncooked) fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and seeds, grains and legumes, and Superfoods.  These foods may be eaten in any quantity desired.  The diet excludes all animal-based foods (animal products) and all cooked foods.  The reasons for the exclusions are explained in the book, Raw Veganism.

For comparison purposes, the plant-based diets are:

Vegetarian – excludes most meat and dairy products, but can include fish and some dairy and poultry products such as cheese and eggs.  The emphasis of the vegetarian diet is on eating more plant foods and less animal-based foods.  The diet allows cooked animal and plant foods.

Vegan – same as vegetarian but excludes all animal-based foods.  It still allows cooked plant foods.

Raw Vegan – same as vegan but excludes all cooked foods.

Raw plant foods are foods as-found in nature.  They are not cooked or chemically altered, and do not contain man-made additives or preservatives.  They are living foods.  Their natural life force is intact.  It is this life force that is imparted to us when we eat them.  Cooked foods (plant or animal) are dead foods, devoid of life.  They require additional energy from the body to be digested and assimilated, energy that could be used for other purposes.