What’s Special About Raw Plant Foods?

Raw (uncooked) plant foods, including the many varieties of fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and seeds, and Superfoods, are eaten exclusively on the raw vegan diet.  They digest easily and efficiently, and have the building materials that Nature intended us to have for optimum health, healing and prevention of disease.

Of all the diets, the raw vegan diet is the only diet that heals diseases.  No disease can withstand the power of raw plant foods, just as darkness cannot survive in the presence of light.  Health issues of a less serious nature are also healed on the raw vegan diet.

A raw vegan diet literally transforms you into a new person.  Raw plant foods are the only foods that have life force properties that Nature intended for us to receive.  They provide the body with everything it needs for optimum health.  Our departure away from these foods has brought about the woeful health conditions that are so prevalent in the world today.

As proven by raw food eaters worldwide and in every generation, raw plant foods are the most beneficial foods for human health.